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Light Language

What Is Light Language?

 Light language is a channeled multidimensional language which brings sound and energy from spirit into the physical. It is a form of sound healing that can help us connect with higher realms of consciousness. It can be expressed through the voice (singing/toning/chanting/speaking), hands (writing/drawing) or body (movement/intuitive hand gestures). Light language communicates to the soul. It is not something you have to understand with the human mind, it is rather something you feel deep inside of your heart. It brings through powerful vibrations that support us to process shifts in consciousness, release deeply held blockages and bring us in touch with our truth. It is here to awaken and activate. It is here to assist in the ascension process to raise the consciousness of humanity. It is truly a powerful healing tool and I am grateful to share it with others.

Megan is truly a gift to humanity. She has this amazing gift to channel light language from the angelic beings.

This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I could feel the love coming through her words she was channeling from the angels.
I have heard of light language before,but I had no idea how profound the experience is!
As Megan channeled light language I could feel this energetic healing taking place in my broken heart, throat, and mind. It felt like a clearing of old stories that were not true. These stories were keeping me stuck in my head.

This experience brought me deeper into my heart than I have ever felt.
Her words were energetically going into my heart and healing my sadness and the stories I thought were real. At the end of our time together I felt so clear and alive again. Her messages were what I have been needing to hear. I feel like I can breathe a new light in my heart.
I HIGHLY recommend booking an appointment with Megan!
Megan is truly a magical unique gift who can heal wounds trapped in your subconscious.

- Christina L.

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