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Since I was a child, I have felt like I didn't fit in. I knew things but couldn’t explain how I knew them. I felt things but couldn’t explain why I felt them. I could feel what was going on in someone else’s body. I could sense the energy of room, when someone was lying, and often felt more connected to the unseen than the seen. I didn’t have the tools or language to handle my sensitivities and in turn, developed an eating disorder. In 2009, I began teaching yoga which led me to studying with various healers such as Dana Childs, Carolyn Flyer, and Jessica Rachel. I learned about energy healing, channeling, mediumship, animal communication, past lives, and the gift of being led by your intuition. After a string of bad relationships, I began to heal my trauma and issues from childhood that were keeping me small and in low self-worth behaviors using the gifts of energy healing, channeling, connecting to Spirit, and receiving support not only from the people in my life, but from the spiritual realm as well.  But it wasn’t until 2020, that I began to embrace these gifts and let go of what others would think. Our gifts are meant to help others and heal the planet. Hiding them not only keeps us small, but it denies others the opportunity to heal. So, this is my life’s work: to walk alongside you as you journey from feeling broken, hopeless, and lost to empowered, grounded, and excited about your life.

My Light Language Journey 

I first received light language during an acupuncture treatment. While I laid on the table with needles in me, I started speaking in a different tongue, only it wasn't foreign. It felt like the most familiar language I had ever spoken. It happened again the next day during meditation. After that, light language started pouring out of me during my daily meditations, while on walks, and driving in the car. I was skeptical at first, thinking maybe I had lost my marbles, but when I told a friend about it, she offered to listen to me speak. We got on the phone and as soon as I started speaking the light language, she started weeping. I began to receive images and messages for her and our time together turned into a beautiful channeled session. 

I started channeling it to my clients in healing sessions, which added a new depth to the healing taking place. Sometimes people experience very emotional reactions. Sometimes people have visions. Most often, there is a feeling that the language is familiar on a soul level. When these ancient codes channel through it is as if the vibrations literally encompass the entire energy field of the person and even the space around us. It is to be experienced to be truly understood.

I believe this gift from Spirit is meant to bless and heal those who are open to receive it. It can heal generation and ancestral trauma, clear stuck energy, provide insight, protect against negative energies, and bring in a higher vibration of love and light. I am honored to be a channel for divine love and have the opportunity to share this gift. 

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